Nice and Snappy- Paul Mohan

Kerry v Dublin - GAA Football All-Ireland Senior Championship Final

On this All-Ireland Football Final week, we are taking a look back at some of the personal favourite pictures of our photographers from finals past. Now it’s the turn of Paul Mohan.

One of my favourite photograph’s that I have taken comes from the 2011 final when Dublin captain Bryan Cullen climbed the steps of the Hogan Stand to collect the Sam Maguire cup, Dublin’s first since 1995.

After the game I was on the pitch photographing the cup lift. While Cullen was lifting ‘Sam’ he turned around to the side, briefly, to where I was and just at the perfect moment another photographer’s flash fired and lit him nicely from the side, giving it a surreal look.

I have taken cup lift shots countless times, and I could do this a hundred more times and doubt it would happen again like this.

But it was just about being prepared for these coincidences to happen so you can capitalise on them when they do and get nice stand-out pictures like this one.