Nice and Snappy – Cody Glenn

Recently we showed you 100 of Sportsfile’s best pictures from the year just gone. Now we are asking the photographers to give an insight into their favourites and the story behind the pictures.

Cody Glenn

Youth athletics

Sportsfile Images of 2014

The 2014 Celtic Games brought together the best of the best in youth athletics from Wales, Scotland and hosts Ireland at Morton Stadium in Santry. Team Ireland proved victorious in the annual international competition on the sunny August day – and shook up the record books in the process.

Roaming the infield after one of the premier races, I overheard coach Brian Corcoran triumphantly declare that the winning Irish 4×100 meter relay team had set a new national record of 45.42 for their age group, under 16.

So I followed behind the coach as he announced the news to the team of Luke Morris, Daniel Ryan, Gina Akpe-Moses and Molly Scott. Their reaction was brilliant. What I love about the image is the gleeful, candid interaction between the young athletes and proud coach in context to the historic moment.

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